well desperate bottoms call for desperate measures

That is what I was thinking but still there are better ways

I once watched a gay porno where two guys used a double ended dildo.

Be thankful non of you follow my twitter because they are getting a full tour of all three books that I’ve got

Don’t ask me to recommend an anime for you. I will recommend five.

I think I prefer the original Japanese manga to translated version. they usually smaller and it fees like the paper is thinner, but it has this really nice cover on it and it was about four books cheaper….

I got a bunch of books from the Little Tokyo Bookstore but they’re all in japanese

sorry for not logging in. I have a cold and a lot of family is visiting. 




well then I would like one start please.

You got it dude. What should we do?

No idea. I was tempted to have Sam just show up in London looking for Molly but I don’ know anything you want.

That sounds fantastic and you wanted me to start right? Is this the universe were they were togetherish?

If you don’t mid, I would like to start it. I kind of just want to write sam getting lost. I don’t think it will be long or anything… so sorry about that

And yes, but maybe they feel  a part because Sam dissapeared for like a year?

YAY! Thanks Rosie! ♥

Of course!

i know that feel.

it was awful. i’m sorry that you had to go through with it too